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I doubt that CRA checks who purchases homes, unless you are in that business. The problem is that the GST credit (if you get one) is available as only one per household. If both of you have been collecting the GST credit on your own, or if one of you has been collecting based on one income, then you will owe back GST credit, if and when CRA finds out. And they will collect. Also, bear in mind, that if a child is involved, you are considered c/l from the date of birth, if the child is his and if you are living together. Owing back CTB and the related benefits can be costly.

The rules say that you are considered c/l after 12 months of co-habitation (if no children are involved). Not reporting this situation is considered tax evasion, not tax deferral.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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