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New Credit Card Rules

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The government introduced new credit card rules last week. Most of these rules were to the benefit of individuals who carry balances from month to month. The main rule changes are
1. 21 day grace period on new purchases. Something similar already exists if you pay your balance off in full. However, if you carry a balance from the prior month, even as low as $1, you pay interest on all purchases from the date of purchase.
2. Beneficial allocation of payments. Some cards have tiered interest rates, so you pay a different rate for purchases, cash advances, etc. The new rule would allocate your payments to pay off the higher interest rate blocks first.

If you do not carry a monthly balance, the new rules won't have much impact on me. However, the new rules are going to cost the credit card companies money. They will have to make up on that lost income elsewhere. It would be ironic if after implementing these rules, the card companies just jack up the interest rates, since the new rules did not touch upon a maximum interest rate.

However, my concern is that the card companies try and stem their losses by rolling back on the loyalty/reward card benefits. Do I now have to subsidize other card holders because they cannot manage their money?

I'm not sure these rules will do much for those drowning in debt, or for someone who is just starting on the path to indebtness. What this country needs is better financial education, so that people better understand what they are getting into by acquiring a credit card.
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In my blog Friday, I suggested the regulations are "too little, too late."

Of course, I begin my financial novel, Findependence Day, with a couple who are over their heads in credit-card debt. Details
In my blog Friday, I suggested the regulations are "too little, too late."
While I don't have a blog or a column in the Post, I would suggest that there was nothing that needed fixing.

Just what we need, pointless regulation to solve a problem that doesn't exist so our elected boneheads can appear to be "doing something".

Quote that in your next column Jon. :)

My suggested regulation:

Raise interest rates to 0.000000000001% under the maximum allowed under the criminal code.
I agree that what we need is more education of consumers on credit card use. It should start at a very young age. Wherever credit card companies can find a loop hole they will. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. The one piece that I do appreciate is that limits can only be raised if the consumer agrees.
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