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New Blog - Adverse to Debt

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Hi Folks,

I have started a new blog tracking my journey to be debt free. There is not a lot of content right now, but feel free to comment if you have a look.

By posting my goal I am hoping that the public accountability will motivate me.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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Debt Free by 43 and "Findependent" by 50? For a second there, I worried your new blog was entitled Adverse to Debt. Because if it was, I would have let you know that the correct title would be Averse to Debt.

One suffers "adverse" conditions like driving in Canadian winters. That's why seniors who are "averse" to bad driving conditions escape to Florida for the winter. No doubt Wikipedia can provide the blow by blow distinction between the two terms but they're commonly confused, like reluctant and reticent.

In any case, good luck with the blog. Eliminating debt is the first step to financial independence, as readers of Findependence Day well know:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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