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Bargain: Any bicycle at about $500 retail. For this much money, you get a vastly better machine than my old Raleigh Super Record circa 1977 ~ $400. And that piece of junk did about 75,000 km IIRC. A bicycle will outlast you and get you around for next to nothing, not to mention health benefits. Just don't get it stolen, I've lost two.

Not bargain: Electronics, because it goes obsolete so quickly. I get most of my electronic toys used or free. I must have 3 or 4 stereo sets about. The one set in the shop, the amplifier was given to me by my boss circa 1982 and it was old then. I try to stay well behind the curve on computers, but my wife differs here, so money is unfortunately flowing unnecessarily in this direction now.

Oh well, she let me drag home 700 pounds of bandsaw the other day. Give and take.

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