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So what free or low cost activities do you find to be a great "bargain"?
My wife and I jog together. The cost involves running shoes (every 6 months or so) and winter wear.

What high priced items or activities do you consider to be a bargain? (I believe there are some, but it is very individual.)
My wife and I enjoy relaxing on cruise ships. This year we're in the Mediterranean with a focus on Spain and Italy. I think we pay in the ballpark of $6K per cruise. I'm sure we could find something cheaper, but it would probably involve more screaming kids or drunken college students. It is only a 'bargain' because we enjoy it. If we didn't enjoy that kind of thing, I'm sure it wouldn't be a 'bargain'.

What items or activities do you feel are not anywhere near worthy of the price people pay for them?
My guess is that anything that we wouldn't enjoy doing would probably be considered a rip off. Ski resorts, adventure tours, African safaris, etc.
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