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on traveling:

When we have traveled, the most memorable times have not involved expensive hotels or sightseeing destinations (within reason, of course -- I won't stay in a hostel, but neither will I fork over $500 for a five-star hotel, when the point is to get out of the hotel room) (but this also depends on the country and the neighbourhood -- e.g., a different analysis applies to Mexico than it does for Spain).

Our last trip was a couple of years ago and I can consciously recall visiting a number of museums and galleries. Definitely fun and wouldn't *not* do that... But what I remember most vividly are the crazy, random moments. A guy walked past us on the street once -- he appeared to be wearing a shirt with a safety-jacket over top, some sneakers, and no pants. Or underwear (not that I looked that closely). Love it! Or getting caught in a rainstorm. Or visiting the old-school olive presses that had been used for hundreds of years before being overtaken by mechanized factories.

It's a question of comfort level, personal interests, and values, I guess. Some people love resort beaches & swim-up bars, but I go a bit stir-crazy after 48 hours with nothing to learn.

On education: ssimps, preach it!
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