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This is a great thread.
So what free or low cost activities do you find to be a great "bargain"?

Cross country skiing...where I live its flat and open so a person is only limited by their endurance.

The library...I read a lot and am happy to purchase books to build my library but I often read them first from the library before deciding if its something I want to spend $30+ on.

What high priced items or activities do you consider to be a bargain? (I believe there are some, but it is very individual.)

I agree with the person who mentioned air travel...I can get to the coast to visit my Mom on a 2 hour flight with Wesjet. Or, I can suffer through a two day trip by time is definitely worth the cost of an airline ticket!

Also, I'm a perfume nut and think its worth it to spend a lot of money on good perfume...its a source of great pleasure to me and a bottle, properly cared for, lasts years and years.

What items or activities do you feel are not anywhere near worthy of the price people pay for them?

I think people pay way too much money for TV and cell phone service. I was at a friend's place today and she blithely told me they pay about $80/month for their satellite service but they can't get Oprah so they pay another $50/month for cable too. Ouch!:)
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