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Writing another post made me think of this thread.

One thing that I think people value much more if they (the person attending) are paying for it themselves is post secondary university. So this is a case where I think if the person is paying for it, they do value it more.

I remember working my my butt off in university to ensure my GPA was in the top percentile so that I would get university grants and scholarships so that my out of pocket cost was as low as possible each year. This resulted in me really learning a lot, taking it very seriously, and I still had a lot of fun at the same time!

I also remember having friends who's parents paid for their university degree and most of them did not give a you know what about their classes or their grades. Not suggesting everyone is like this, but it sure seemed a lot were.

At the time I thought it unfair of my father to not contribute to my education even though he could have, but now I really thank him for it. We plan on doing the same thing with our kids, should they decide to go to university.
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