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If you create a Mint.Com user account and enter your address as in the US, you might be able to link your Canadian bank account. I just tried it and I was able to link to my Presidents Choice Financial account and have it automatically download my bank account information.

Even when it does fully come to Canada if I have to re-enter things it hopefully will help me with some budgeting ideas already.


Already I've found a major problem to any kind of actual budgeting... We have a line of credit with nothing on it, but it shows up as if we have $15k in cash sitting in an account. There doesn't seem to be anyway to change this...

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You might not be aware that Mint is actually just a slick front end to display data that is pulled from Yodlee Money Center ( It is the Yodlee software that is actually communicating with the various financial websites. You can use Yodlee now to link a wide range of bank accounts (U.S. & Canadian). Take a look--it is not as sexy as Mint but it probably has most of the basic functionality you are looking for.
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