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Master's Degree in Bureauocracy and Ethics

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I thought the following was hilarious: From

The School of Administrative Studies at York University has initiated a new graduate program that offers a specialized focus solely on business ethics and financial accountability.

In the aftermath of the economic meltdown, the Master of Financial Accountability (MFAc) addresses the need for a business-focused program that teaches higher standards of financial accountability and governance oversight, York says.

“The watchwords today and into the near future are regulation and reform, accountability and transparency, investor protection and trust, risk management and integrity, but many business programs are lacking in being able to equip executives with the skills to tackle this new reality,” says Dr. Sung Kwon, associate professor of accounting and MFAc program director. “Our goal is to give practicing professionals the expertise they need to solve the increasingly complex problems related to financial accountability.”

The new program is geared to practicing professionals with accounting or legal designations who now face increased expectations and demands for specialized skills and knowledge unique to the area of financial accountability.

The program consists of four dynamic and interrelated conceptual cornerstones: corporate ethics; regulative standards and legislative requirements; (3) effective information systems; and (4) transparency in financial reporting.

“Graduates of the program will be well-prepared to play an important role in motivating their management teams to engage in uncompromising accounting and risk measurement practices, resulting in better run organizations overall,” according to Kwon.​
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