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Lots of good things to think about. I'll need to take some time to digest all of it.

One of the main reasons I originally became interested in in this is to develop my own opinion on the valuation of the market at this point in time and whether now is a decent time to start investing or if I should wait and see with the expectation that the market has more correction left in it.

A couple indicators that I've been looking at:

here is something which questions what the actual inflation rate is:

Also, if you have half an hour for some reading, I found this article to be quite interesting. It seemed to agree with a lot of my original thoughts on how the economy ought to work.

At the end of the day, a lot of my reading has been leading me to the belief that despite the recent drops we have had, we may still be somewhat overvalued and be due for more correction at some point in the future.

I am also not filled with a lot of confidence with what i see in how our economies are run with the deficits, etc, etc... it reminds me too much of my previous example of my ex-girlfriend and I think sooner or later it will end poorly. but I guess I may just have to hop on the roller-coaster ride and hope I can make my money and spend it all before the ride ends.

This is all influencing my decisions on what to look for and buy in the stock market. I'm thinking "well, what sectors do I expect to drop if the market goes down and which do I think will remain strong or have already fallen and are therefore fairly valued. If there is some sort of bubble forming, what is it and how do I avoid it?" Don't get me wrong, I'm not some worry wart stressing about it all day (or at all really), but I am a value shopper in all areas of my life and investing is no different. However, one of my problems sometimes is that I research my purchases and investments too much when oftentimes I would just be better jumping in.
2661 - 2661 of 2661 Posts