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LLL - Oprah's favorite things list

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You can't argue with Oprah's influence. On Friday she did her final annual "Favorite Things" list and Lululemon pants made the list.

I've watched LLL casually, but have never owned it. Obviously Oprah's recommendation will move more than a few pairs of pants next week, but I can't help but wonder if it will equal long-term sales growth. Thinking about picking up some at opening tomorrow.. anyone have thoughts on this?

Here's Jim Cramer admitting he was previously very wrong on LULU:
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I bought in at 34.90 after the IPO. I think it is one of the safe retailers because it is so trendy. I also hold THI. Of the two, I think LLL is safer.
The PEG which is how I evaluate such growth stocks is 42 which is a touch rich. I am going to hang on until we see what kind of pop the oprah effect will have. It is currently $20000 in my portfolio so not into rebalancing range yet. But if it exceeds $25k then I will scale back.

(This is one of those speculative stocks that I play with but I relied on DWs insight because she saw everyone at Yoga class wearing them. It is also our primary exposure to retail.)
Trendy makes it not safe.
I am taking the bet. Would you like to put your money where your mouth is? I am counting on it reflecting the full effects of Oprah in the next quarter. This would be based on the pop baseline of $56.27.

If it is not above that, how much do you want?
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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