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Level of Education Achieved.

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Since people are talking about how much tuition fees are/were, I thought it would be interesting to know what levels of education people have attained.

Myself, I'm working on my M.Sc.
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B. Eng for me!
BES from Waterloo, MA and MPA from Queen's. I'm also a CFP.
BA in Psychology and Master of Education
(I did teach for 10 years, but ended up in the Federal civil service)
B.Sc. in Zoology - Calgary
M.Sc. in Physiology and Cell Biology - Alberta
B.Sc. Neuroscience

I also have a certificate for crossing the Capilano suspension bridge, does that count for anything?
I have a lot of girl guide badges, and also a certificate for spending the night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden. :)
BA in Economics and a BBA in Finance both from Simon Fraser
MoneyGal, you're on fire!

I have a Marketing diploma from college, considering a Bachelor of Commerce since work will pay for it.
I'm just out of law school *ducks from brickbats*
BASc. Faculty of Engineering; University of Toronto

Having said that, my degree was for my parents. I've found that it has no bearing on financial freedom (which is a good thing!)
B.Sc Advanced Double major in Physics and Computer Science

Diploma of meteorology

Both from dal
MoneyGal, you're on fire!
Thanks! The Ice Hotel really cooled me off, though. ;)
You have your Ph. D in corny jokes too right? :D

B.Sc. - U of T
CHRM from George Brown
BA (Hons), currently finishing my MA, will be starting my PhD in September.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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