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Last Will and Testament: DIY or with a lawyer?

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I'm embarrassed to admit that my wife and I are still without a last Will and Testament. This is something I aim to rectify ASAP and was wondering if people had thoughts on using the online DIY kits, wizards, etc.? Or am I talking crazy and should rush out to a proper lawyer and simply cough up the extra dough?

I am genuinely without a clue and so wanted to be sure the extra money I pay the lawyer for what I think is a fairly cookie cutter type situation is actually money well spent.

If some of you recommend the DIY route, which online service have you used?

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Hire a Will Attorney. An attorney can review the will you write, provide you with witnesses and ensure that you have met your state's requirements. This can be a costly option depending on your attorney’s fees and how complicated your will is. Wills that “unnaturally dispose” of the testator’s assets should always be overseen by an attorney. Unnatural disposition includes cutting your family out of the will, giving all of your assets to someone that is not in your family if you have living family members and giving your assets to someone that you have not known for very long. Use an online will writing service. This type of service will automatically ensure that your will is written according to your state's requirements. Online will writing services generally cost between $60 and $100, depending on how complicated your will is.
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