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Last Will and Testament: DIY or with a lawyer?

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I'm embarrassed to admit that my wife and I are still without a last Will and Testament. This is something I aim to rectify ASAP and was wondering if people had thoughts on using the online DIY kits, wizards, etc.? Or am I talking crazy and should rush out to a proper lawyer and simply cough up the extra dough?

I am genuinely without a clue and so wanted to be sure the extra money I pay the lawyer for what I think is a fairly cookie cutter type situation is actually money well spent.

If some of you recommend the DIY route, which online service have you used?

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I realize that this thread is several years old. However, I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on Axess Law (affiliated with Walmart) as a budget option to preparing "relatively simple" wills.

Any and all comments would be appreciated.
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