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July 2009 stock picking contest

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Pick two LONG positions for July.

Here are the rules:
- Pick two Canadian stocks by replying to this thread both LONG.
- Only Canadian Stocks
- Picks are made by entering ticker symbols.
- Price will be the closing price on the day of the pick.
- Contest is open to 25 people, 50 stocks
- Contest will end July 31, 2009 using that day's closing price if you haven't close your positions.
- The contest winner is the one that pick the biggest percentage gain for the month
- You are allowed to pick the same stock as someone else however on tiebreaker the person that picked the stock first wins.
- I'll keep track of everyone picks using Google Finance Spreadsheet
- I'm a Google Finance fan. Please use Google ticker symbol if possible. ie. T.TO (Telus) for Toronto Stock Exchange and NGG.V for Toronto Ventures
- It's just a contest so have fun!
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I'm feeling bearish as well:

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