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Pick two LONG positions for July.

Here are the rules:
- Pick two Canadian stocks by replying to this thread both LONG.
- Only Canadian Stocks
- Picks are made by entering ticker symbols.
- Price will be the closing price on the day of the pick.
- Contest is open to 25 people, 50 stocks
- Contest will end July 31, 2009 using that day's closing price if you haven't close your positions.
- The contest winner is the one that pick the biggest percentage gain for the month
- You are allowed to pick the same stock as someone else however on tiebreaker the person that picked the stock first wins.
- I'll keep track of everyone picks using Google Finance Spreadsheet
- I'm a Google Finance fan. Please use Google ticker symbol if possible. ie. T.TO (Telus) for Toronto Stock Exchange and NGG.V for Toronto Ventures
- It's just a contest so have fun!

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With so many being bearish, isn't bullishness a better bet??? Still, count me among the bears for the coming month. With financials up so strongly, I'll bet that they'll give up some of the gains in July.

My pick:

HIF -- HBP Financials Inverse ETF
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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