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Joint Bank Accounts/Relationships

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a little advice. My partner and I have always done our finances separately for the past 5 years when we first met. I guess the time has come where things are serious and I'm looking for advice on how other couple's do their day to day banking to pay bills, mortgage, shared expenses, etc.

Our situation: Both have good incomes (one makes $60K, the other $85K), both are also in the middle of graduate school. My name is on the mortgage since before we got together and all the bills are in my name. Currently, my partner gives me a portion of his income to help pay for the house, bills, utilities. I'm looking to change that, share more, be open to maybe a joint banking account.

So, how does everyone else seem to share household costs? Maybe a joint bank account and each contribute a portion of income and use that account for our expenses and keep our own personal savings?

Thanks for the great advice I know you'll share. If there's any relationship gurus out there that can pass along their wisdom, I'm all ears :)
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My husband and I have lived together for almost 12 years. We've always had one chequing account that both payrolls and bills come out of. Multiple joint savings accounts. Joint credit cards (one I'm the primary on, one he's the primary on). I control the finances (I am in banking) and we are both very content with that. I'll check him in once in a while on how we're doing and that's good enough for him. Full disclosure, no secrets. Big purchases we talk about and decide together. It works for us.
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