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Is this a bear market?

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I know it's impossible to tell until well after the fact, but I'm wondering if we might be in an actual bear market now. Looking at VT for world stocks, it looks to me like a down-trend. I think the more worrying part is that the MSCI EAFE is falling sharply due to the war and worsening business conditions in Europe.

Normally one would say "don't worry, the Federal Reserve will juice the markets and rescue stocks any moment" but they should be raising rates soon.

Or maybe the Fed will now give up, and leave rates alone? It would really be "out of character" for the Fed to actually go ahead with ending QE, while stocks are declining. But if they actually go ahead with rate hikes and ending QE, I cannot see how stocks can possibly go up.

What I'm doing: sticking with my existing asset allocation plan. I'm still 31% stocks today, more or less on target. However I do have a strong Canadian equity bias, and they've been holding up very well so far.
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I haven't spent all the money I made last year, so I can ride out an inevitable downturn. Why share my gains with the government?
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