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I initiated a small position in big tech AMZN and MSFT recently in case the bottom was in for large tech. If we see further declines or sideways movement in the first half of 23 I may add or buy Apple. Not sure if there are many here that implement a shorting strategy. Perhaps there are some but I am not aware of any that do so or share that they do. At best you may get some input on where people think tech is headed. I am of the mindset that tech in general will be in a period of consolidation for the next while. Innovation will continue at a rapid pace but equities may not see the same valuation until the next bull market is well underway.
I have owned Amazon for a while, and just got my position in MSFT, I also have Google and Apple.

The question going forward with Apple is if they can transition to a services company.
I think the hardware industry is going to slow down, there is less and less reason to keep upgrading hardware, and it keeps getting cheaper.

For cloud AWS is the big one, and Azure is working hard to attract customers. I give the edge to MSFT because Amazon has a habit of competing against their customers.
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