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investing in collectibles. good idea or not?

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I'm sure we must have some hobbyists on here such collectors of coins and other valuables. Have you considered collectibles as an investments? What is the consensus out there? Good idea or not? Opinions encouraged but remember to tell us WHY you feel that way. :)
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when living in france had some friends, a canadian professor on sabbatical w his wife & kids.

she was knowledgeable about antiques & they bought lots because, she said, french antiques from france would sell really well when they got back to ontario.

towards the end of sabbatical year they rented 40-foot container & somehow squashed this into the narrow 13th century street outside. Found that container was only half full so swanned into antique-buying-on-steroids mode in order to fill it up (shipping costs would remain the same.)

at one point they bought a gigantic pair of 15 foot high 20 feet wide wrought iron 18th century chateau gates & tossed into container.

things got crazier, they found out the expensive euro car they'd bought had to be kept in europe one extra day past their paid-for plane ticket home if they wanted to get the vehicle into canada duty-free.
so papa planned to stay over 1 night in paris & buy extra ticket home while family flew out on the charter.
anyway that's what he said about the night in paree.

in the midst of container packing confusion i explained my philosophy for living abroad with a young family. Take Only What You Can Fit In One Suitcase.

wife wrote me after they all traumatized back to ontario. They were having trouble selling the antiques. You Have The Right Idea, she wrote. Don't Ever Leave Home Without It.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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