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I thought I would start a thread so that we can get to know a little about the contributing community.

I'll kick things off. I am FrugalTrader (twitter), the blogger behind Million Dollar Journey and co-founder of Canadian Money Forum. To say the least, I am a personal finance and investing enthusiast who is on a journey to financial freedom.

Tell me a little about you!
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I'm 32 with a wife and 2 kids. We don't work anymore as of last fall. We are debt free and own some private corporations involved in varied activities. These corps are also debt free except for the shareholder loans. We have maxed out rsp's, a healthly resp for the kids and other money in trust for them. We have a growing non-registered portfolio based on value based dividend payers and income trusts, backed up with a "higher than usual" fixed income component based on our age.

Our position came from frugality and investing. Prior to this past year where I sold a corporation, we'd never made more than 120K as a household.

I welcome the downturn and hope it lasts. Our companies are holding up great and continuing to repay shareholder loans, which is being pumped into the market as opportunity permits.

Good job on the forum. I've read your blogs and recognize other members here who I follow as well.
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Hello my name is Jane, curently in Mississauga but moving to scarborough soon with my 2 kids. I purchased one rental property in downtown after a big fight with my partner, and decided I could raised two kids on my own and be financial independent one day. I was very very happy to find Canandian capitalist personal finance blog and learn many many valuable things there. He is the person to make me realize everyone should invest, and invest can be for anybody! I started my blog at free site and write about my learning journey. I also like to thank everyone that help me with my silly questions!:p
Wow, it is really great to read through all the bios here!

I'm an early-forties mom of two kids, married, in Toronto. I hold the Certified Financial Planner designation and have worked as an IDA-licensed advisor but no longer do so. I do corporate financial writing, fee-for-service financial planning, and tax preparation, but I do not work full-time. I blog at

I have a lot of volunteer activites: I'm a Girl Guides of Canada leader, I sit on the boards of two not-for-profit organizations (and hold an executive role at one), and I am going for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do (I'm a purple belt now, so at least another year of hard training to go). I'm also a volunteer historic cook at Spadina House in Toronto.

I think about martial arts, family finances, being a wife and mom, and cooking, baking and economic self-sufficiency most of the time.
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I'm in my mid thirties - married, no kids (yet). We live in Toronto. My husband and I both work in the financial sector. I've always been interested in finance thanks to my dad who instilled frugality and hard work into me. Around age 28 I realized I no longer wanted to trade my time for money and sought a simpler lifestyle. We are now debt free except for investment loans, and we own our home free and clear. Thankfully I married a man who is even more frugal than I am and has a keen hobby by watching his investment portfolio and reading financial books.

Our other interests are travelling, food, long walks for exercise, and just being with each other :)
I'm Kathryn

I'm married with two kids.

I have a passion for personal finance and adult education.
Hello Everybody!

First of all I would like to say thank you to FT at MDJ and The Canadian Capitalist for starting up this forum. It is exciting to see people, especially Canadians taking an interest in personal finance.

Now a little bit about myself. I am 22 years old and I live in Guelph, Ontario. I work for Canada Post as an RSMC (Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier). I find it hard to believe, but July 1st, I will have been at Canada Post 4 years full time. It doesn't seem like it. Where does the time go? (I know 4 years in comparison to many of you whom have been working for longer then I have been alive is nothing) but for me, it seems just yesterday I was in highschool still.

I guess I fell in love with finances almost immediately after I graduated highschool. I started reading Canadian Business magazine and Money Sense magazine. Subsequently leading to how I found MDJ. His blog was featured in an article on Money Sense a few years back. During the summer of 2005, my friend and I decided to start looking at buying a property. We purchased a townhouse and closed on the property Nov 10th/05.

And June 30th of 2008 we closed on a second property. It is a townhouse as well, located near the University. Currently rented out to students.

It is incredible what you can learn if you have a desire and willingness to do so. Ironically enough, I used to think my life was fairly boring. But in the past few years, life has taught me invaluable lessons that will stay with me the rest of my days.

This brings me to my current point in time. I know I am young, I know I am inexperienced. And I know the world awaits me. I do not wish to work for the next 35-45 years. In all honesty, that seems to be a life sentence. I would like to become financially free one day. Actually, my goal, is to 'retire' by 30. Or at least have the option of choosing to live off of my investments and passive income. Perhaps I am naive, but I don't think so.

From what I have seen in my travels, I know it is possible to retire young. Highly unorthodox, but definitely possible. I have seen some people on this blog and a few others that are retired. I know someone who is 30 and retired.

I don't wish to come across as selfish or self centered. I know money isn't everything. I have also discovered that material possessions brings you material happiness. Real happiness comes from within. Every single one of us already possesses true happiness. Most of us just haven't discovered how to tap into it yet.
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Hi everyone I'm a 46 year old guy from Toronto who simply loves finance. I'm a member of a couple of good financial websites where I've learned a lot of good financial information.

I am a DIY investor who manages his own ETF portfolio in a discount brokerage account. I have been kicked out of so many financial advisors offices over the years that it's not even funny:).

I'm the type of guy who likes to question how the advisors get paid. Of course the advisors didn't like my abrupt way of questioning their fee structures.

As a result I became a DIY investor almost 5 years ago and have never looked back:).
I'm a 40-ish year old financial advisor based in Ontario (hence my user name). I am paid via fees and commissions depending on the client situation. I don't have a blog and I prefer to stay anonymous. I haven't posted to discussion forums for years but I was a regular on the old Fund Library forums in the late 1990s until it changed hands. When I heard about this forum, I figured I'd dip my toe in and see how it goes.
Hi, I'm David, 23 year old university student going to McMaster for Chemical & Bioengineering. love the stock and investment business, thinking about getting a corporation started soon to wet my feet in day trading but right now mainly focused on US equity market in value stocks and M/A or litigation speculative plays, and general recovery plays.

There is a lot of people with great experience and credentials here, hope to learn a lot from you guys and hopefully contribute some to the board as well. :)
Hello Forum Members!

I am fred smith and this is my first forum entry here.. Since I am new to forum community and I feel I am in midst of my own learning curve. I feel sometimes, that I have to learn a lot, hope you guys have patient on me.

Thanks for reading me and giving me your valuable time.
Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself to you on this message board.

My name is Andy Moquin from Buffalo, New York. Glad to be a new member of this awesome forum site. I think I'll enjoy my stay here.

In the meantime, I will be stopping by once or twice a day to make a few posts and hopefully become a part of what seems like a great community of webmasters working together and I look forward of getting to know you all.

Hope to build a great working relationship with as many of you as possible over the coming weeks, months and years...

Andy Rings
Newbie here...

Hi there everyone. Glad to be a new member of this awesome forum site. I think I'll enjoy my stay here and share useful informations with you guys!

By the way, I'm Jason, from, a wedding planning directory that caters to all the needs of every bride in the USA. The site is filled with useful information and wedding favors for every bride and grooms taste. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.

Looking forward to have a good relationship with you all as well as learn and share useful informations!

See you around...
I am a 40-year old, married to a wonderful woman, have an amazing 6-year old girl. I teach music at a great school - it is my dream job and although I enviously read about people retiring early I actually want to work until I drop.

Financially I am somewhat like Grover (Sesame Street). Means well, likeable but blissfully ignorant of real life. I have pledged to reform, though, and have been reading financial mags and blogs (started with MDJ, and linked into many others. Love them all, by the way) and and now am trying to soak up everything here.

Financially - have large mortgage, am just in process of converting it to Smith Manouevre through RBC (which holds all our business). Would love advice on that if anyone is familiar with RBC products, btw.
Hello everyone, I'm heyjude, a 50 ish physician from Winnipeg. I'm reasonably financially savvy and approaching financial independence. I'm quite diversified (60% equities, 20% fixed income, 10% cash, 10% alternative investments [real estate, precious metals and venture capital]). I do have financial advisers, whom I trust, but verify. I enjoy reading about finance and economics, which has helped me to make some good decisions independently, and I question everything. My risk tolerance has been moderately high (I did not panic during the meltdown) but over the next few years my priorities will change in the direction of capital preservation as my goal is to be able to retire by age 60. Looking forward to some good exchanges on the Forum!

I am Sandip, 54 years old.
Recently retired from entrepreneuship to become a author.
Wrote a book in Dec 2008 ISBN 1440493332 (see amazon ) that though aplauded by all, I suspect is still not very well understood.
It has several new concepts in risk management and time and resource utilisation, so I decided to explain some of the complexities by a detailed step by step presentation through slideshows in, a popular forum with 8 million page views and now glamourised by the entry of White House presentations. My presentations till date on this Risk Management are as under and I would look forward to valued suggestions / discussions from / with knowledgable forum members on the subject.

Business Risk Management Series ( 954 views in 3 weeks ) ( Top presentation in finance segment in 2nd week July)

Business Risk Case study Ba 31 ( 1185 views in 2 weeks) (Showcased in the business & managment segment in 3rd & 4th Wk July)

Business Risk Case study Ba 32 ( 385 views in 5 days) ( Top presentation in finance section in 4th week July )

I hope some of you have time to go through these popular slideshows and see new techniques in Risk Management for market based, credit based and operational risk by variance measurement and Predictive analytics.

Thx and regards

[email protected]
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Hi, my name is Ali and I am new to this site. I am a 24-year-old chemical engineer who recently wrote level 2 of the CFA program. I work for a large oil and gas company in a development role. I have been passionate about value investing in its original Grahamian style and its evolution for several years. I also see that Jim Chuong is on here, so I'll be visiting more often :)
I'm JC. I just turned 28, have two degrees, and I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life :S

While I figure that out, I'm working as an in-house writer for a publisher/news agency in Toronto. I'm happily unmarried and kids are probably only a year or two away for us.

Now that I've got a pretty steady gig, and with kids in sight, I've taken more of an interest in taking better care of my finances and my future, so I started budgeting and making modest monthly contributions to e-series funds at the beginning of this year (in RRSPs and a TFSA). This month, for the first time ever, my assets outweigh my liabilities (I had a hefty student loan) and I feel pretty good about that.

Lots to learn though...

Hello everyone. I found a link to this site on someone's blog.

Now I'm here to discuss money, finances, etc. I am a nerd, so this is one of my favourite topics!
Hi all,

I am 30 year old guy with an interest in finance. During the day I work as a lab rat (rather in a lab) and at night I enjoy learning, reading and talking about personal finance. I really got interested about a year or so ago and have been frequenting a few blogs on here. MDJ sent me over here and I have enjoyed what I have seen so far.

Look forward to talking with you all.

Hi everyone

I have to say I am really happy to find this site with so many people who understand what a difference you can make with financial decisions. Most people I know seem to just accept the norm.

I took money seriously at a young age, growing up in rural NB with a single mother. I started working at 15 to pay for clothes and sports. By graduation I had a computer, investments, and a car (that insurance bill makes me cringe)

After high school I joined the military and got a degree in comp sci. Now I travel all over to control fighter jets for training and air defense. I’m looking forward to the Olympics next winter :)

I’m here because I want to start investing my savings and leveraging. I haven’t found an advisor I trust so I’ll do it myself.

Some day I want to have my own business in the peaceful country, as a mechanic or a farmer or who knows. My passions are motorsports, which means I’ll never be able to retire!
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