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Internet business - Need tips and information

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in the past two years, i've been reading a lot on personal finance (not much on business). Some books motivated me to create other sources of revenues besides my salary. I’m 30 years old and have a steady job. I make around 65k/y and I can live very comfortably with my family (my wife has a good salary too) with our salary. I've always been interested to know more about entrepreneurial people and what they do, especially how they did it. I come from a family where security is number one. Got to school, get a good secure job. No one in my family ever came close to being an entrepreneur so I have no background at all in that domain. I’m not ready (at all) to leave work to go full time in business (not sure what I would do anyways), remember, security 1. To tell you the truth, I would be scared as hell to leave my steady job to throw myself in a new business full time. But I don’t mind trying something out on my spare time (don’t have much, I have a baby at home). My profession is database analyst, so I know a bit of programming. I learned the basic of ASP and played with that for a while now, but in January, I had an idea (nothing spectacular, no invention here..), create an internet business. Classified ads.. Yes I know.. another classified ad website but mine will be a little different. Every paycheck, I try to keep about 10% of my salary to invest, and I thought it would be a great idea to have my little website project (something I love to work on) and generate at least small profits and then invest that. Believe it or not, I would be extremely happy to get 50-100$/month out of that website after a year it’s been up. This is a great experience for me and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I’ve looked at real estate stuff but for now it requires time I don’t have. So for now, my investments will be stock/mutual funds investing and my website.

Now, I know how to setup everything to get the website up and running live. The website is now 60-70% complete.

Does someone know about a great book or website for internet business stuff?

Also, i’m not too sure where to go for:

- Credit card paying option for my website (ads will be free a first though).
- Ads on my website, how it works (i.e google ads)
- Properly get setup on search engines so I pop up high in search engine results

Other suggestions?

I know this is not a business forum but for me, this is an investment project and I’m sure some of you went on that path before.

By the way, I read Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey all the time. This forum is a great initiative. Thank you !

Sorry , my English is not great.

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Paypal is an easy setup and would be my recommendation for cc processing until you're doing thousands a month. Then take a look at beanstream, onlinemart or internetsecure (assuming you're looking for cad$)

Ads via google make the world go around these days. They're context sensitive. Easy to setup - more traffic = more clicks = more chqs in the mail from google.

Use google to learn more about seo - search engine optimization. It'll help get you found. You can also pay google to show your website's ad on searches (and via the distributed channels from above). This costs you money, but will drive traffic to your site.

10% of 65K a year is $6,500 - coupled with a year's worth of your time - you should expect a lot more than $100/month, unless it's purely a learning experience. If that's the case, try to do things on the cheap!
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