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Internet business - Need tips and information

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in the past two years, i've been reading a lot on personal finance (not much on business). Some books motivated me to create other sources of revenues besides my salary. I’m 30 years old and have a steady job. I make around 65k/y and I can live very comfortably with my family (my wife has a good salary too) with our salary. I've always been interested to know more about entrepreneurial people and what they do, especially how they did it. I come from a family where security is number one. Got to school, get a good secure job. No one in my family ever came close to being an entrepreneur so I have no background at all in that domain. I’m not ready (at all) to leave work to go full time in business (not sure what I would do anyways), remember, security 1. To tell you the truth, I would be scared as hell to leave my steady job to throw myself in a new business full time. But I don’t mind trying something out on my spare time (don’t have much, I have a baby at home). My profession is database analyst, so I know a bit of programming. I learned the basic of ASP and played with that for a while now, but in January, I had an idea (nothing spectacular, no invention here..), create an internet business. Classified ads.. Yes I know.. another classified ad website but mine will be a little different. Every paycheck, I try to keep about 10% of my salary to invest, and I thought it would be a great idea to have my little website project (something I love to work on) and generate at least small profits and then invest that. Believe it or not, I would be extremely happy to get 50-100$/month out of that website after a year it’s been up. This is a great experience for me and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I’ve looked at real estate stuff but for now it requires time I don’t have. So for now, my investments will be stock/mutual funds investing and my website.

Now, I know how to setup everything to get the website up and running live. The website is now 60-70% complete.

Does someone know about a great book or website for internet business stuff?

Also, i’m not too sure where to go for:

- Credit card paying option for my website (ads will be free a first though).
- Ads on my website, how it works (i.e google ads)
- Properly get setup on search engines so I pop up high in search engine results

Other suggestions?

I know this is not a business forum but for me, this is an investment project and I’m sure some of you went on that path before.

By the way, I read Canadian Capitalist and Million Dollar Journey all the time. This forum is a great initiative. Thank you !

Sorry , my English is not great.

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Thanks guys for your replies !!! :)
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