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I have had some real financial difficulties in the last couple of years. I have children to support and have looked beyond my full time job for extra income but in this climate - nothing! I pay my ex alot of support based on an income I no longer have - I have a court hearing pending on that, not to worry.

Here is my question: his lawyer is asking me to report rental income because he knows that I have a roommate. Is this really rental income? Also, I have sub-leased my condo for one - two weeks to make enough money to pay the rent in really bad months - like those leading up to Christmas and summer holidays.

I am concerned that I have this right - I have read that if I use sub-leasing to pay my rent and I don't make money over and above my rent that needs to be paid, that it isn't rental income. Is this true?

Also, if I have a roommate who is sharing in my rent and I don't own the house, how is this different than a bunch of university students living together with one person taking main responsibility for paying the landlord?

Does anyone out there know the answer or have experience with this? Your help is really appreciated!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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