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I have no idea why anyone would ever buy a Canadian mutual fund. Ever. I mean you've got idiots running these things and charging over 200-250 basis points for absolutely no value added at ALL.

There are approximately 1 gazillion ETFs traded on the NYSE Arca that charge next to nothing in management fees, and you can get in or out whenever you feel like it. Want exposure to Canadian securities? Buy a Canada ETF in New York. Commodities, emerging markets, real estate, currencies, government bonds, corp bonds, small cap, large cap, tech, pharma, financial services, carbon, volatility, t bills, you name it, there is an ETF in New York for pretty much everything now. Transaction cost is around $2; $1 to get into your position, $1 to get out of it. (this is assuming you are with a proper broker such as IB, not some garbage Canadian bank such as the big 5 that charges 10/20/30 dollars or more per trade)

no restrictions whatsoever, and you can take short positions in any of them as well. Canadian mutual fund companies are useless and for the most part deserve to go out of business. Lucky for them, most Canadians are totally ignorant of what management fees people pay in all other developed nations. And also ignorant of the fact that Canadians are being robbed blind by their Canadian financial advisers and fund companies.

So this tax on Canadian mutual funds is basically irrelevant since Canadian mutual funds are miles away from being anywhere near competitive in the market already. Trade in the US and you don't have to worry about this crap.

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