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Hello everyone,

I have been trading for about 6 months now and I am starting to produce consistent profits. I am not sure however about how to structure my trading business.

Here is just some more info about my situation. I day trade cryptocurrencies and generally hold each coin/token for a span of 3 minutes up to 4 hours. I am using an account that is registered under my personal name. I have not set anything up as a business yet but I am getting to a point where I think I should consider doing something about it.

Do I need to set up a CCPC? If so, when should I do that (how much money should I be making - currently I am making about $150-200 per day but that will start increasing very soon?)

I have been trying to find somewhere a clear answer for how to structure my trading business before speaking to a CPA but it has been quite difficult to find consistent information about this topic.

I would appreciate the advice of anybody who has experience on this matter.

Thank you so much!
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