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Can someone also explain to me how when I calculate my net worth do I work in my house? Do I subtract the annual city estimate from what is owing on my mortgage to get that number?

House value goes under assets. Your mortgage goes under liabilities. Every time you make a mortgage payment subtract the portion of your payment that goes towards principle from your mortgage value.


House value = $400,000

Mortgage= $200,000

Monthly payment = $1000 ( $400 is interest, $600 is principal)

Outstanding mortgage: $200,000 - $600= $199,400

Net worth: $400,000 - $199,400 = $200,600

The only thing up for debate is whether you should track the changes in the value of your home. Opinions vary. For me I don't think its worth the time. I have the value set to what I paid for my condo and I deal with what happens when I go to sell it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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