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How to allocate funds?

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Hey Guys,

Finally got me TD e-series TFSA account sent up and ready to make my first purchase.

I going to deposit the max amount ($5000) but am unsure on how to divvy it up.

Should I go with mostly bonds (similar to what ING offers)?
Should I spilt it equally between Bonds, Can/US/Inter equities or should I forgo the bonds all together and go with equities only??

My plan to use this account as a long term savings account ( 5, 10 years +) and looking for moderate risk and growth.

What would you suggest?

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The OP says he wants "long term savings account with moderate risk and growth". To me that shows he is unclear on the concept.

I would use the words "savings account" to refer to putting aside cash from my salary someplace where it's principal is not at risk, and where I can access it at any time (within say a week/month).

But investing is not saving. It involves putting your principal at risk of loss, tying it up for an extended period while it is 'put to work', and hopefully receiving a $ return in exchange.

The OP has to clarify where he is willing to risk his principal, whether he has plans for the money at some expected future date (like RE downpayment), or whether this will be his '6-month salary' back-up insurance.
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