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How much have you spent on electricity this year?

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As of November 30th, we have incurred $875.84 in electricity costs year to date for our primary residence. This is roughly $80 per month. We live in a detached two-story, four bedroom house that is about 2500 square feet.

I am curious how we measure up to other families. We try to be conscious of not being wasteful.
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Way too much!!!! I spend about $180 per month. I think it because of all the computers around here. We have about five running at all times.

I am also self employed so work from home as well which adds to the costs.
Wow I really need to do something about my hydro. It's out of control!!!!!
Aside from the 5 computers some of which do sleep I did something very expensive a few years back. I made a laundry room in my garage so that I could have a two bedroom apartment downstairs (instead of a one bedroom) plus have access to laundry whenever I wanted to. It is a small room and is insulated as well as it can be. It is electric heat.

I just bought a new high efficiency washer and dryer which I hooked up downstairs and as soon as I get around to it I will be cutting off the water supply and then the heat.

I am keeping my fingers crossed :) I am ashamed of my humongous hydro bill
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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