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This really doesn't look too bad overall! Nice job. Even your total allocations, the breakdown of % between countries seems very reasonable.

My only question is, do you have other money besides these amounts, that you keep in cash, savings accounts or GICs?

You have around 90k here. So I'm really hoping you also have something like 20k to 30k in liquid resources as well. XSB can help serve this purpose, but that's only 11k.

I ask this because the portfolio you show here is really good for long term holding, but it MUST be held long term. That means like 20 to 40 years, so you cannot expect to tap into any of this money any time soon.

You're young and you will need liquid cash at some point. Some examples: you're jobless and the economy sucks, you get married, you buy a home, or you have a big surprise expense (gosh hopefully not in that exact chain of events). These are things you cannot pay for with your stock holdings. Doing so can seriously compromise your long term returns so you need a store of liquid capital that's separate from stocks.
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