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I've been called cheap more than once! :) For me, I just roll with the punches and laugh along.

As per the title, have you ever been accused of being *cheap* and what was your reaction ? There is a fine line between being cheap and being frugal and certainly different folks interpret things differently.

I have been enjoying the free coffee at McDonald's during breakfast hours recently. I also plan to bring my wife to Milestone's tomorrow night as part of the Free Date night promotion. These are perfectly reasonable things that I feel no problem doing but when I bring them up at the office for conversations, some colleagues do (jokingly) think I am cheap. *Accused* here might be too strong a word but I think you guys catch my drift.

Have you run into these kinds of situations before and what did you do ?

1. Ignore said comments and carry on. You live your life after all.

2. Try to explain the differences between being frugal and being cheap to said persons.

3. Pause and take their inputs into consideration. They may actually have a point.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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