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Park far away from stores in parking lots - mileage is very poor in parking lots. An added benefit is a bit more exercise from walking.

If possible, pull through the stall so you are face-out parking. Putting car in reverse and backing out uses a surprising amount of gas.

Ensure your tires are properly inflated.

Keep your car maintenance up to date - most people do oil/air filter, but also consider things like fuel filters, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, etc.

Use synthetic motor oil - especially low weight type.

If doing multiple errands, drive out to the furthest one first - it will allow the engine to warm up fully.

Try to do multiple errands at one stop.

Don't use drive-thrus. Park and go into the store.

If at a prolonged stop (i.e. slow train crossing tracks in front of you), turn off your car.

Whenever possible, don't use A/C - Fan on and window open are both better (except keep window closed at highway speeds).

Don't idle you car for long when you start it up - once it revs down, start driving gently. The car runs very inefficiently when idled from cold.

Using these strategies I average about 7.9 L/100kms in a 1998 V6 Toyota Camry which is quite a bit better than the new EPA estimates in about a 60/40 mix of city/hwy.

There are more extreme measures that I don't employ that you can read about at hypermiling webistes. I tried out a few of them but felt unsafe.

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I do a few things.

1. Carpool whenever possible. I drive every second day.
2. Keep the RPM's under 3000 whenever possible. This means gradual starts but it isn't as bad as you think.
3. Neutral. I have a larger hill on my way to work. I put it in Neutral and 4km later I put it back in gear. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that my driving up the same hill on the way home nullifies the savings.
4. Keep a long eye-lead. It's safer and I time the lights as much as possible (sometimes throwing it in Neutral for this as well).
5. You get Zero Miles Per Gallon while idling. I will turn of the car when it is feasible.
6. Drive light and clean. I don't store stuff in my car and a clean car has less air resistance.

I fill to the brim simply because I hate doing it. I want more miles per tank than anything else. I haven't tested it like they did in the 50L Challenge, but I did learn that there is still 100km+ in my tank after the light comes on. For me, that is my new signal that I have to fill up within the next 40km.

50L Challenge

I'm also reconsidering my winter tires. I have noticed a hit at the pumps once I put them on. Since I need to buy some new ones, I might go thinner so I don't have to fight through the snow as much.
Mostly good advice but I think you probably mean to keep revs under 2000 rpms when possible - it is actually very easy to keep them under 3K. You will notice much better mileage at 2K.

I would suggest most people be careful with putting the car in neutral - don't use it in traffic until it is almost like second nature to you as you don't want to be caught in a situation when you need to suddenly speed up but have forgotten the car is in neutral. I do use this myself but it is second nature to me now. The other thing is that some automatics cannot be put in neutral while moving for extended periods of time - has to do with lubrication of the transmission. This type of driving is referred to as NICE-on coasting (stands for neutral internal combustion on).
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