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First Time Home Buyer

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Hi all,

I am first time home buyer and looking to buy the house within 1- 3 month, just come to cross in this forum and excited if any one give me advise from where i start to buy the house.
I am more looking the house in durham region, i am keep looking builder project and some private house sale
my question is that if there any way if i can get any first time home buyer benefit ? i know i can go with RRSP 25k but any other benefit if i can get ?
Please help me out to buying the first property.

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There are many things are needed to buying a first time home buyer, Ask the estate agent to take the property off the market and then instruct a solicitor. Ask for a few quotes and follow up personal recommendations. It is best to agree a one-off fee with your solicitor, otherwise you could face a lot of extra charges. Your solicitor will take over the legal issues and make sure that all the vital checks, including those listed below, are carried out.

Thank you...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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