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Fees - TD Private Banking and Investment Counsel

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This forum is so helpful I keep asking questions! Thanks to all those interested enough to help. Here's my latest quandary.

I'm a high net worth investor who's fairly passive but I've been paying 2.5% or so in fees to a boutique firm for yeeeeears now. It's time for a change. TD is proposing a 1.35% all in private counsel fee (and with the requisite charts showing great returns over the years) to pools available to their high net worth clients only. They are also proposing a $100/month fee for their private banking services.

So my question is: Has anybody signed up with TD for these services? Are these fees negotiable? And if so to what extent? I guess those are actually questions....
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You were paying 2.5% in fees and still got rich, lol? You should keep paying 2.5%.
To a bank I think 'high net worth' client is just a person who has $100,000 in investable assets unless things have changed. No need to avoid the OPs question or make a big deal out of it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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