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Fees at CIBC Investor's Edge?

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I am considering switching from Scotia iTrade to CIBC Investor's Edge (not because CIBC is a great discount broker, but because I do all my banking at CIBC and I would like to centralize everything).

I don't like their weird trading package (I only trade about 10-15 times per year) but don't want to opt out of the package and pay $30/trade. Does anyone know if CIBC Investor's Edge will negotiate with new customers to offer trades in the $10 range (no package) which is what I pay now at Scotia iTrade?

Thank you in advance.
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No, CIBC won't offer you any incentive to join.
Unless you make at least 50 trades per year CIBC is not a good choice.
I-trade is a better option, if you already pay $10 at I-trade why would you want to switch?
I'm with both, Itrade has a much better trading platform.
The only reason I'm with CIBC is because I make a lot of trades.
You can link you're I-trade account with your CIBC bank account for easy transfers,
something CIBC doesn't do, unless you bank with them.
If you trade less than 500 shares, Questrade is probably for you.
In most cases you'll pay $5 per trade.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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