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Fees at CIBC Investor's Edge?

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I am considering switching from Scotia iTrade to CIBC Investor's Edge (not because CIBC is a great discount broker, but because I do all my banking at CIBC and I would like to centralize everything).

I don't like their weird trading package (I only trade about 10-15 times per year) but don't want to opt out of the package and pay $30/trade. Does anyone know if CIBC Investor's Edge will negotiate with new customers to offer trades in the $10 range (no package) which is what I pay now at Scotia iTrade?

Thank you in advance.
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Stay away

The, so called, discount broker, CIBC Investor's Edge, charged me $116 to sell 4000 shares. The same operation at iTrade or BMO costs less than $10. I have just closed my CIBC Investor Edge account.

One of the CIBC account managers gave me wrong information about the cost of their Imperial Service, presumably because he would have had a commission if I had done the switch he recommended.
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