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I'm watching 's Economic Calendar for Canada and US.

They defined a level of importance on a scale of 3 (where 3 should be very important). Not sure how truly reliable it is. Anyways.

I'm still trying to figure out if any of those really affect the market. I've seen it affect the market with reports like Crude Oil Inventories and Initial Jobless Claims, but there are tons of reports out there and not all of them are truly "very important".

Today, for instance, on the US side, JOLTs Job Openings for May had better results than expected. On the Canadian side, Ivey PMI for June jumped above 50, up to 58.2 from 39.1 last month. I guess they should both be considered pretty bullish, but I doubt we'll see any affect on the stock market, or am I wrong?

Do you follow any specific reports and indicators on the Economic Calendar? If yes, which ones and why?

Also, is there any truly reliable source of news out there about the stock market & economy? I feel like all news are just non-sense BS saying "loonie weakens as worries rise" when the loonie is down and then saying "loonie strengthens as hopes rise" the next day when the loonie is up.
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