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DRIPs in non-reg accounts?

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I've got a few stocks in my TFSA/RRSP which drip enough to buy ONE more unit, while I own more stocks and more shares of them that DRIP to be able to buy multiple shares for multiple securities.

The "problem" is, doesn't DRIP'ing these in my non-reg account create a tax nightmare? Say, buying 1 unit every month or a few units every quarter?

Somewhat related, I'm with TD Waterhouse - can I choose to DRIP certain stocks and not others?
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As long as you keep track of your Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) it's really no big deal.

I do prefer to keep income trusts and ETF's inside registered accounts to keep my accounting a little simpler. They are often the last to send you a T3 and personally I like to have my accounting prepared well in advance of the deadline.

However, some income trusts can be quite tax efficient in a non-registered account (high % ROC) so you'd have to way to pros and cons.
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