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Doug Hoyes New Book Straight Talk on Your Money:

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Just finished his new book Straight Talk on Your Money: The Biggest Financial Myths and Mistakes . . . and How to Avoid Them

This was my amazon review

Doug is a founding partner of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc This book is his personal collection of “the most common myths my clients have followed, all of which caused massive financial trouble.”

In a sea of personal finance books that often look the same and contain the same broad platitudes about saving money and investing for long term growth - His book stands apart What I really liked was he didn’t blame the victim. He pointed out and explained that anyone can make irrational decisions. Only by understanding this fact, can we make better choices in the future.

I was most interested in the chapters on debt and real estate. In the debt section, there was some terrific new material on Collection Agencies – how they operate; their relationship with the banks and card issuers, and the reality that although they may often threaten to sue, they rarely, if ever do.
Now someone who has read dozens of FP books and gotten his CFP I didn’t think he could give a different take on money management but he does! His chapter on dealing with banks, especially as a self employed person, always have two banks, could be a life saver. What if one of your accounts gets frozen or something.

I’ve add this book to Millionaire Teacher as the only two money books a young couple needs to read.

5 Stars for sure
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Never read the book though anyone that recommends 2 banks instead of 2 credit unions does not understand conflict of interest.
I read the book and I've added to my extremely short list of books I recommend to young couples, that is his book and Millionaire Teacher. Both books are geared towards non techies who don't like this kind of stff
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