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Domain name hoarding is such an 00s effort that has been totally replaced by branding.

I remember that era with hoarding domains. People were buying huge lists of available names.
I used the term marketing, but your choice of word "Branding" is more proper.
I had thought that the choice of a domain name being easily remembered is more important than the spelling.
(hyphen use or whatever)
I am thinking that even if you spell the site name wrong or miss a hypen ..... Google is there with a spell check recommendation.

I think that the name must be neutral as a brand but easily brought to mind or remembered. I think that dotandcalm is the best thing since sliced bread. I think Pair-Annoyed is worth very little because it loses credibility as a brand name with what sounds like Paranoid. Pair-Annoyed was good for me because I am an identical twin.

I used the domain names to host my news aggragator website for 20 years. I hosted it on my own computer in my home. I used to get 35 thousand unique visits per month. The most people I ever had on line was 118 because Michael Moore linked to an article I had saved from Mouse Land. I got so worried about security that I shut the site down from public viewing and just maintained the database daily.
I hired 2 persons to work at collecting historical (World Events) content 8 hours per day and employed them for 15 years. I have an external hard drive containing 4 Terabyte of information. (A quarter million commentaries and other content)

I guess you could say that I am well read.

I gave each of my kids a complete copy a year ago. I am thinking that in the future they may enjoy stuff like I enjoy memories of Walter Cronkite stuff today. The collection covers the evens during their lives. Some folks collect model trains and I collected history.

This was a great resource which I paid 20 bucks per month subscription for 15 years.

I had to hide from Google and the Boys because they would be at my site downloading 24-7. A zillion other robots as well. If I had just one single video hosted on my server, Google and The Clowns downloaded it continuously. (24-7) That is a lot of computer resources. I only had a Pentium IV. So, if ever saw somebody on line, I just changed the Forum URL. I never advertised.

When I put together the song and video for Edward Snoden I did adveretise and had it on i-Tunes.
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