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Do you have a smartphone (Iphone, Blackberry etc?)

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Do you have one?

How much has it helped you/made your life easier? and in what way? Do you justify spending the monthly fees on it or do you get it through work?

I have been eyeing the new iPhone, sure it's nice to have but to me it's more of a want vs. need thing. Do I want one, absolutely. Do I need one? Not at the moment.
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It's a Blackberry issue. iPhones use cell towers to get a quick location and then fine tune with GPS and the accelerometer for direction (so it's actually much faster and more accurate than standalone GPS) However, to save battery, iPhone GPS is only refreshed every 5 or 10 sec which is pretty slow for some applications

I can't even list all the devices the iPhone can replace, the list is endless. I have used it to do tasks better than several $1000 standalone devices did and because it connects with the internet, it saves me from connecting those devices to a computer to share/edit/process the data (it is a mobile computer already)

A cool thing I seen recently: an iPhone can take a full surround picture (not just 360, up and down as well) and process/share it instantly with location data
I did the math with the dataplans and it was like $1700 for 3 years... no thanks

If they had a free 1 day course on how to use one, I might be more likely to get one. but this culture of getting something in the mail, and then trying to be the coolest within a community by having the best apps or knowing tricks and such...just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I guess I'm officially old.
IBM just called PC's the equivalent of typewriters, which I think I've said a dozen times on this forum. Did you make that post on a typewriter, old man?

My data plan cost me $25/month in Canada and it costs less in Europe. Data does everything, including voice and text now. I get my voicemail in my email, text in a text app

Using an app is easier than using a PC program
Just to make sure I understand; your cell phone plan with data? is $25 a month....including all taxes, access etc?
Last time I checked it seemed more like $80 plus taxes per month.

At $25 I could be interested.

Then again I don't really know what an app is yet.:confused:
An app is just a program designed for smartphones

That's because the Telco's have probably hired more marketeers to fool you than engineers to improve their networks. "Let's give them subsidized smartphones since most of them live pay to pay, then tell them they need to pay for voice per min, voicemail, text, call display etc etc and then charge them for it all over again with a data plan" Back in the day, they used to tell people you required a landline to get DSL internet lol. It was always a hassle to get naked DSL, which is now widely accepted, as will be data only plans. Paying for a text messages or voicemail is like paying to make this post or for email

The market for mobile semiconductors has already surpassed PC semiconductors and it's growing while PC's are declining
I also want to get an iphone but its just too common. Most people have an iphone than other smartphone devices..
I see that as the major benefit. More users = more apps and accessories

Unless you just care about looking "different"
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