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Do you have a smartphone (Iphone, Blackberry etc?)

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Do you have one?

How much has it helped you/made your life easier? and in what way? Do you justify spending the monthly fees on it or do you get it through work?

I have been eyeing the new iPhone, sure it's nice to have but to me it's more of a want vs. need thing. Do I want one, absolutely. Do I need one? Not at the moment.
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I bought my iPhone 3GS a couple of years ago. Prior to the iPhone I had a plain vanilla Samsung analogue cell phone. I must say it's the most useful gadget that I've ever owned. At the time I purchased my iPhone I was shopping for a Golf GPS device, a gadget that costs around $200 plus monthly subscription fees. iPhone on the other hand has an app that does the same thing at a cost of $25 with no monthly fees. I was also in the market at the time for a portable auto GPS device - it was $150 for a Magellan device or $70 for Navigon an iPhone GPS app that works just as good as a standalone device. Purchasing iPhone was a no brainer for me. Of course, my monthly mobile fees went up - but I still think its worth it based on how much I use it.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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