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I have an iPod touch, which gives me most of the "smartphone" features whenever I have a wifi connection. Thankfully, I have wifi at work, at home, and at most places in between. My mobile phone is a basic model from Virgin Mobile on a prepaid plan (I don't use it enough to warrant a monthly plan).

I'd like to get an iPhone so that I only have a single device to carry around, but I abhor the idea of paying a monthly stipend to a cell phone company for the privilege of using one. My plan is to pick up a used iPhone (there are plenty on eBay and Kijiji) and use it on the 7-11 "speakout" prepaid system. The 7-11 prepaid wireless uses the same network as Rogers, so an iPhone will work fine on that system even if it is "locked" to Rogers.

An iPhone with a monthly plan costs over $2500 spread over three years. A used iPhone on the 7-11 prepaid plan should cost less than $500. Somehow I don't think the benefit of wireless data for three years warrants the $2000 price difference.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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