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Discount Brokerage Reliability

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Most of the posts about discount brokerages revolve around costs. There is very little discussion about the reliability of the web site. Low fees are fine only if you have access to the market.

RBC Direct has been having their share of problems lately with the site or portion of it being unavailable twice this week. It seems that this has been a weekly occurrence.

Please share your experiences with your discount broker.
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I've used TD Waterhouse (2%) and RBC Direct Investing (98%) and despite the problem they've been having lately, I find it a very good platform. Those are the first issues I've had with the system since opening my account many years ago.

I only had problems one morning, and they were resolved before the end of the trading day.
I hear ya! - and I was going to place a trade this morning... this IS annoying. Maybe they'll do the phone transactions with discounted transactions costs?!? Let me call to check.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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