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I have been observing this two stocks and have actual holdings in CWI.UN, been averaging the cost down (yet the price kept going down too !).

It seems that the fundamentals are very sound, business model is stable and yet predictable, but the prices are just heading south for no particular reason.

From the forums, I gathered some negatives,

1. Smart-metering for CWI.UN
2. High overhead/financing cost for CWI.UN
3. Paper-based/traditional advertising for YLO.UN

The information sharing from both companies executives are not very helpful and unfortunately I do not reside in Canada, hence would think it would be beneficial if we could exchange some pointers about this two stocks holdings in this thread.

Most impt also, holders of this two stocks, we can support each other !
I don't follow CWI.UN but I used to own YLO.UN. I sold YLO.UN before they cut distributions after a chat with a friend who is a small business owner. It seems that many small business owners are moving away from putting expensive ads in Yellow Pages -- they just don't see the value. In any case, if you have a business phone, a one-line ad in Yellow Pages is thrown in and many see that as sufficient.

It is true that YLO.UN is trying to become an online player but that arena is crawling with competitors. Since then, the dividend has been cut and I feel that it is hard to trust management any more.
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