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Work for a smaller accounting firm that has a client referral incentive.

Client ended up getting bought out and needed additional work done.

Per agreements signed in both employmee guideline andupdated offer letter, as well emails between partners/office manager, the indication is that the commission is based off of net engagement billings collected.

Did the year ends fr the group - no issues. collected commission (billing approx 30k+net of hst)

As mentioned over the last 2 months there was a lot of structure/tax work - I noticed the billing as I was aware of the work being done and the controller/internal accountants are in my network who I interacted with when referring them in and they let me know that cheques were ready (I had offered to pick them up). I noticed that in my last pay commission on amounts collected were not included. (Billing amount was approx 40k+ net of hst)

I approachced the office manager who is charge of payroll and they stated that commission is specifically for year end engagements only - this is inconsistent with what they had said to be before as well as the wording in the employee agreements/updated offer letter.

they mentioned they had talked it over with the principal of the firm who told them this and not the managing partner.

This discussion happened last tuesday, on the same day they laid off a senior and 2 jrs due to covid/poor work performance and slowdown. I am not sure if they discussed this between themselves but I wanted to follow up with the managing partner.

As the client was bought out, tax rules indicate a deemed year end which means more billings for us in the year. Do I bite the bullet on this or go to the managing partner and ask for specific clarification on the intent of htis commission policy as I understood that it is whatever was billed. (If an employee refers a client in specifically for restructuring/tax advisory would they not get commission as well?)

To some 4k may not be a lot, however, I did a good thing which has only resulted in positive outcomes for the firm. I feel that I should be able to discuss this. Any tips on how to approach?

Thank you!
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