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Hi Forum Members,

The CRA website talks about the eligibility of weekly/monthly passes as well as individual trips made with electronic cards (i.e. PRESTO).

My concern is not about weekly/monthly passes but individual trips made with, for example, PRESTO. About such trips, CRA has these statements:

Electronic payment cards if:
the card is used to make at least 32 one-way trips over a maximum of 31 consecutive days; and
the card is issued by a public transit authority that records and provides a receipt for the cost and usage of the card.

So, CRA does not say that all of those 32 trips have to be made using a single transit system. But, if I go and visit websites of those transit systems (example, York Region Transit, MiWay Transit, etc) I see that they seem to add an extra constraint that trips have to be using a single transit system!

Do I not comply with what CRA states? I was hoping to combine GO transit, TTC, MiWay (to have more than 32 in a given month) :)
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