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China et al....

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Does anyone know of any index funds/ETF's in Canada that track China specifically? I don't want to buy Vanguard or any US funds, because although I like them and their cheap MER's, I don't want to pay US$ for them. I also don't want to pay the ridiculous MER's on mutual funds.

I've only seen the standard iShares/Claymore BRICs/EAFE/and the new Claymore broad emerging market. I'll settle for these if I have to, but I wish we had a wider range of choices available in Canada, such as the Vanguard family of funds.

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I think that if you want to invest in China specifically, you'll have to go with the US ETFs; you could hedge against it to adjust for currency. But there just isn't the same range of products in the Canadian market, yet. I looked for some Asian specialty ETFs, and China in particular, and the only viable choices were American. The Canadian products I've found are too broad for such niche investing.
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