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Charity Research in Canada?

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I've read a couple of articles on charitable donation in the US over the years, and I know there are several watch dogs (like and as well as some criteria for assessing the efficiency of the charities (e.g. 75% should go to the cause). I even remember reading a fairly detailed tutorials on what the administrative expenses, executive compensations, etc. should be based on charity categories (alas, I don't remember where I read this.)

My questions are:
1. Do we have a similar charity watch organizations in Canada?
2. Are the standards for assessing charities in the US applicable in Canada?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I find some interesting articles about the cultural and social charities in Canada. Maybe you can find out needed information there.
The Money Sense magazine publishes annual charity analysis.
They evaluate all the factors you listed, and more.
Either Google for it or visit a local library to look through the last 7 - 10 issues.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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